The Tacoma Group
Growing up in the north end of Tacoma, Washington was a wonderful experience. Still largely undeveloped back in the 50's & 60's with lots of neat places for boys to have fun. These are some of the people who shared that experience with me.
Paul picture one

Paul and I had a very nice breakfast on Sunday 8 September 1996 which wouldn't be significant except that we hadn't seen each other since 1965. A lot of things can happen in 31 years.


Lee and I met again for a nice lunch on the 19th of May 2000. Eighteen years separated our last visit on 22 August 1982. Sure is fun to catch up with old friends.

Paul picture one
Steve picture one

After 22 years, Steve and I had a wonderful visit on 20 May 2001 at the beautiful home he owns with his lovely wife Pam near Tacoma.

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