Beng is a black lab that was dumped on my ranch because the cute little puppy got too big for someone's apartment. He was skin and bones (starving) and very lonely when I met him. He is now gray and fat but very contented. This webpage is dedicated to my friend Beng.

A nice close up of Beng taken at the Ranch can be found here. I always thought he was a good looking dog.

Update: Beng died on 4 April 2012. He was with me 5438 days (14.9 years) and was 1-2 years old when I got him so he lived a very long life for a Black Labrador. I wish I could look forward to seeing him again in Heaven but I could find no support for pets in the Bible. Goodbye my dear old friend. Details of the last few days of Bengs life are available here for anyone interested.

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