Find the Secret Page

Somewhere at this web site there is a secret page. The secret page contains a picture of me (several people actually requested that) and some other things that you might find interesting.

To see the secret page you must solve a puzzle (it's easy). There are six clues. If you look toward the bottom of this page, you'll notice that this is page 56. Each page in the site is numbered.

Lets use page 30 as the starting page, so to get the second clue we need to go to page 30. The clue at the bottom of this page will tell you how to find page 30.

Note that all six clues will contain a reference to something on the main menu.

Clue #1: To find page 30, ask the "Family" about Bob's crab (then click on it).

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Tour: Play this game to find the "secret page". Tour guide

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