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The purpose of this page is to give you a feeling of how this site is layed out. When you first logged in you were on the welcome page which lead to the main menu page. The ten branches from the main menu are outlined below. The numbers in parenthesis indicate how many pages exist for that subject.

(Cartoon by Phil Ryder)

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Visit the Animals who live here.
bevo(3), jag(2), creepo(1), beng(1)
Meet our Family and Friends.
monica(4), anne(4), susie(1), kids(1), bob(3), dad(2), dave(5), chris(1), mike(2), steve(3), judy(7), carol(6)
Exit to Other Links.
URL's to other sites
See the Maps to locate the Ranch.
Everything else is in the Misc page.
schuller(8), nicely(2), awards(1), statistics(1), hints of recent changes(1), live cameras(9)
Who is the Owner of this place?
chuck(4), lady(2), ann(2), nautilus(1), ham(3), dan(1), paul(1)
Pictures of the property.
scenery(5), ranch(6), beginning(6), new(4)
What Product does the Ranch offer?
Record your Presence.
guest comments(2), secret page comments(1), guest book(2)
Find the Secret Page.
clues(6), secret page and its contents(?)
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